November 1st, 2019


The Inheritance, Part Two

You should go. It’s a bit like being steamrollered. And then you go back and it does it a second time. I’m not sure yet if words will come, or if I’ll put whatever I wrote last night here. The Inheritance is sprawling and magnificent and has left me twice to stumble out of the theatre and up Broadway at a loss.

More of a post may come. I'll read the script. Maybe I'll see it again. Neither night's writing seems up to posting.

If you must see only one part, see part one. It isn't a complete thing, but seems as if it would stand more fully by itself. It ends not with a period, but with...a colon, perhaps, or an em-dash. Not an ending, but a place at which a play could stop. But don't see just one part. It's all one play.